Adam Leland – Kings of Queens

November 24, 2017

Many musicians start out in cover bands, eventually getting the courage to write their own songs. Adam Leland has taken the opposite route. Beginning as a teenager, Adam began fronting bands that played original music all his life. Now 40 plus, his current gigs are with The Stoneberries, who play Rolling Stones/Chuck Berry Music and The Kings of Queens, a Ramones tribute band.

Listen in as Matt and Adam discuss:

  • Growing up Suburban
  • Trying to make it in the Atlanta music scene.
  • Shipping off to Memphis (twice).
  • Playing with his wife.
  • Musicians Adam and Matt have seen live, that are now dead.
  • His latest musical ventures.
  • Much more.

Interview Recorded: Eastside Atlanta BeltLine BackPorch Studios. October 27, 2017

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

Kings Of Queens Facebook page.

A Ramones Spotify Playlist

Adam and Matt Circa 2009

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