Month: December 2017

Michael Dunaway

On today’s program, we welcome Michael Dunaway, filmmaker and editor at large for Paste Magazine, to discuss:

  • Growing up in Macon.
  • Why do college textbooks cost so much?
  • How he came to write, and later edit for Paste Magazine.
  • The Allman Bros.
  • What is or isn’t “Southern Rock”?
  • Interviewing Ethan Hawke, Kenanu Reeves, Billy Bob Thornton, Matthew McConaughey for “21 Years – Richard Linklater”.

Plus we play the “Atlanta Favorites Lightning Round”


Interview Recorded: December 6, 2017. Alkaloid conference room.

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

Paste Magazine

21 Years: Richard Linklater


Karen Anderson – Tiny Doors ATL

We welcome Karen Anderson, the creator of Tiny Doors Atlanta, to the program where we discuss:

  • How Tiny Doors was born.
  • Why do people so respond so positively to the Tiny Doors?
  • What happens when “creatives” get involved in Football pools.
  • Why she listens to King Of The Hill while making her art.
  • Dealing with vandalism and the elements with outdoor art.

Plus we introduce the “Atlanta Favorites Lightning Round”

Today’s show is sponsored by: Scamper Van – A camping concierge service that delivers the outdoors to you.

Interview Recorded: August 29, 2017. Alkaloid conference room.

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

Tiny Doors website.

Tiny Doors Instagram

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DragonCon 2017 Part Two

The conclusion of Matt’s DragonCon 2017 adventure includes with an older Steam Punk Couple, someone who’s get paid to (cos)play and the following celebrity-ish type people.


Interviews Recorded: Hyatt Regency and Marriott Marquis- 265 Peachtree St NW. September 3 and 4, 2017.

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

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Dragon Con Website

Fun photos of some of guests:

Atlanta Podcast DragonCon What You Say

Photo credit and guest wrangler @getaholdofrick