Eric Von Haessler

January 2, 2018

When English Nick, was on the show, he highly recommend we do this interview.

Listen in as Eric and Matt discuss:

  • Making “Scarred but Smarter”, the Drivin N Cryin’ documentary.
  • How he got fired twice from Atlanta radio.
  • Surviving Los Angeles.
  • Doing a talk radio show without callers.
  • Whatever happened to rock n’ roll.
  • Much More.

Interview Recorded: November 28, 2017. Alkaloid front porch.

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

“Scarred But Smarter” Documentary

WSB Radio Link

Beth Lapides

The GreaseMan

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One comment on “Eric Von Haessler

  1. I love your show. It’s straight comedy with a little bit of news