Jim Fergie Chambers

February 27, 2018


  • Raising Kids.
  • Coming from a media family empire.
  • Redistributing his wealth.
  • Unpopular stances like “Dont Call The Cops” and “No Active Military Allowed”.
  • Guns.
  • Using lots of drugs and being institutionalized at a young age.
  • Standing Rock.
  • His version of what went down with Lis Smash, who appeared on this show in October 2017.
  • Getting arrested.
  • Much much more.

Interview Recorded:  February 26, 2018.  Free State Of Palestine  – Madison, Georgia.

Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

Google Jim and you’ll find lots.

Who should I have next on The Atlanta Podcast?

Devyn Springer

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