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Stacie Davis – Overcoming A Drug Dealing Dad, Junkie Boyfriends, and The Death Of Her Mom

Stacie and I have spoken about doing a podcast together for a long time. We’ve wanted to talk about our adventures for the last 14 years through marriage highs and lows, the mess of raising kids, etc.

Listeners to my shows know an awful lot about me. The best way to transition to a new show, in my opinion, was to get to know more about Stacie first.

I guess we can call this Stacie – Chapter 1. Wherein Stacie grows up in a dysfunctional household, loses her mom in her early twenties, does a bunch of drugs, moves to LA to become an actress, and eventually meets her future husband.

Maybe it’s Chapters 1 – 10. Either way, learn a bunch about Stacie Davis. After you listen, let us know if you want to hear more from the both of us.

Stacie can be reached at staciekdavis at

I can be reached all over social @mattbdavis or mattbdavis at

Interview Recorded: December 7, 2018.  West End Atlanta, GA.

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Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels

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2 thoughts on “Stacie Davis – Overcoming A Drug Dealing Dad, Junkie Boyfriends, and The Death Of Her Mom”

  1. Caran Elizabeth Bramlette

    This was wonderful. I want more! It’s like binge watching a great show and feeling so sad when you get to the end! 🙁 Don’t make me wait! I hate waiting but I love you two!



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