Ursula Undress comes on this episode of The Atlanta Podcast to discuss:

  • Some history about burlesque.
  • What burlesque is and isn’t.
  • How The Atlanta School of Burlesque came to be.
  • Mixing art and commerce.
  • Succeeding as a performer and business owner.
  • Anna Nicole Smith.
  • Much more.

Interview Recorded:  1259 Metropolitan Ave SE (Atlanta School of Burlesque) August 14, 2017

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Atlanta School Of Burlesque

Ursula on Facebook

Delia grew up above a real live tap room, and thus began her love with the sights, sounds, and smells of community and food. We explore her journey from New Jersey to Atlanta (with a short stop in Florida) and learn how she has become one of our local treasures. (I know super humble Delia may not be comfortable with that compliment, but too bad Delia, you are).

Listen and here about:

  • Confronting fears to make dreams happen.
  • Her desire to feed folks who didn’t keep “standard hours”.
  • Those first crazy days of Flying Biscuit and how it grew.
  • Why she sold Flying Biscuit.
  • How Delia’s Chicken Sausage came to be.
  • We introduce a new segment “Atlanta Faves”.
  • Much more.

Interview Recorded: Matt’s House – West End. Sept, 26. 2017

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Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand 

Some recipes from Flying Biscuit



Angel Poventud is a man of the people and a man of Atlanta. On any given day, Angel covers a good portion of the city limits of Atlanta by foot, bicycle, and/or railroad engine. It is impossible to spend any time with Angel and not run into several others that know him and love him.

Topics include

  • How he came here.
  • Why Angel loves Atlanta.
  • Why he can’t stop getting involved.
  • The Atlanta Railroad
  • Some deep in the weeds BeltLine stuff.
  • Much more.

Interview Recorded: Back Deck Of Alkaloid On The EastSide BeltLine. June 27, 2017

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2009 video with Angel where he looks like Carlos Santana


Lean Draft House



If you were around Atlanta in the 90s, 99X was playing in the background almost everywhere you went. Before the internet, radio was your social media. It’s where you found out where to go, what to do, and where all of your music and musical interests lived. Steve Craig in the afternoon on 99X was one of the voices that defined that period for Atlanta.

Listen in as Matt and Steve discuss:

  • Steve’s first radio gigs in Southern California.
  • The amazing (and brief) rocket ship ride that was alternative rock radio.
  • Fred Schneider impressions.
  • Moving away to NYC and back to Atlanta.
  • His current gig on 97.1 The River.
  • Much More.

Interview Recorded: Conference Room at Alkaloid. Sept 5, 2017.

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The Steve Show on Facebook

Steve on Instagram

A fun look at Atlanta in The 90s.

I can firmly say I have never met anyone like Clark Ashton. Clark is an artist in every sense of the word. Here is one paragraph from his website, in which he explains a little bit about his work.

He maintains a studio and sculpture garden at his Mechanical Riverfront Kingdom on Druid Hill in Decatur, GA containing The Commuter Gallery, where he serves as Mass Minister of The Sweet Holy Church of the Everlovin’ eelMAN, manufactures psychic unity, and exhibits the monumental works Boundary, Faith in Industry, The Infrastructure of an Uncertain Future, The Bateman 5000, The Battle of Druid Hill, & The Ascension Machine among hundreds of other works.

Not much else to say, but let’s dive in. Away we go.

Interview Recorded: August 1, 2017. Dock of Alkaloid on The EastSide BeltLine.

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Mechanical Riverfront Kingdom

The Commuter Gallery

The Sweet Holy Church of the Everlovin’ eelMAN

Mechanical Riverfront Kingdom TRAILER from Clark Ashton on Vimeo.

Today we have a fascinating conversation with Susan Bennett, the original American voice of Siri. As well known as she is for that role, you’ve most likely heard her voice around Atlanta for decades. She was the voice of one of the first ATMs as “Tillie The All-Time Teller”, the “plane train” at Hartsfield International Airport, and the voice overheard at Delta terminals around the world. On top of discussion around how she became the voice of Siri, they discuss obtaining voice work, the advancement of AI, and how luck plays a part in life.


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Susan Bennett The Atlanta Podcast

“Tillie” on Wiki

Other Famous “Machine Voices:

Travel Voice

“Wait For The Tone” Woman

One of Mike’s first big roles was ‘Gunner Major Asshole’ in Spaceballs. Pniewski is credited on over 130 projects on IMDB. Matt and Mike discuss everything from being star struck by Eddie Murphy to what it was like to be on The Sopranos, the show that MBD seems to bring up in almost every single episode of The Atlanta Podcast. They also talk about being “ahead of the curve” as an Atlanta based actor and some of the ups and downs of parenting.

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

Spaceballs : Major Asshole

Mike’s super long IMDB credits

Random auction for clothing he wore during Law and Order: Criminal Intent

youthSpark is an organization based out of Atlanta that wants to stop youth exploitation and sex trafficking. They are also about educating the mostly ill informed public and empowering youth. Matt B. Davis talks to Renee Shelby and Jennifer Swain covering a multitude of topics about sexual abuse, and sex trafficking concerning underage victims. youthSpark not only tries to help the the young who are in trouble, but does extensive research on the “buyer side”. You may be surprised how wide spread this issue has become.

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youthSpark website

Demand Tracker

Many claim it, but Nick actually deserves the moniker of a “mover and a shaker” in Atlanta. He gets around and he’s been around. Everyone I have met, that knows him, loves him. For the last couple of years, Nick’s been The Director of Marketing for Creative Loafing, AKA The CL, AKA The Loaf.

Prior to that he was in Atlanta radio, helping launch stations like The Beat, 99X, and The River.

In this lengthy conversation we deep dive into Nick’s experiences in Atlanta radio, politics, and seeking therapy.

Nick also talks about the exciting changes coming to Creative Loafing that launch today.

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

Creative Loafing’s big announcement

Nick on LinkedIn

An old blog about 99X




Dan is the “adult face” of DragonCon. Dan and Matt cover a variety of topics including 8 Tracks, favorite sitcoms, Matthew Perry, concerts, Cold War movies, and of course lots about DragonCon. DragonCon takes place every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta bringing in some 400 guests and 80,000 attendees.

In addition, Nikki makes her 3rd appearance on the show.

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5 Things To Know About This Year’s DragonCon

Official Website

Cold War Movies

Dan Carroll Dragon Con