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Monthly Archives: October 2017

English Nick II

English Nick 2 The Atlanta Podcast

Continuing our lively chat with English Nick from Atlanta’s 97.1 The River. Today’s chat is even more about music and bands and music and other fun stuff. Plus, Nick weighs in on The Atlanta Faves. (formerly known as The Atlanta Quiz). Interview Recorded: Front porch at Alkaloid. Sept. 27, 2017 Show Notes That Nobody Reads Harry and […]

English Nick

The Atlanta Podcast English Nick

Nicholas Parsons aka English Nick comes aboard The Atlanta Podcast to discuss: Growing up heavy metal in the UK. How he came to America/Atlanta. Becoming a radio DJ. Starting Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party. Starting and growing Metalsome, live band karaoke. David Lynch. His love for dogs. More. Interview Recorded: Front porch at Alkaloid. Sept. 27, 2017 […]

Yoshi Obayashi

The Atlanta Podcast Yoshi Obayashi

Yoshi took a long flight to Atlanta to visit a friend working on a movie. Luckily for you, he sat down for a podcast interview as well. Listen in as we discuss: Stand up comedy International travel The porn industry Politics Selling his body for medicine Much more. This could be the least “Atlanta” episode […]

Lis Smash

Lis Smash Saunders Podcast

Lis Saunders stops by to discuss: To CrossFit or not. Powerlifting. The Arnold Classic. Her inability to do a decent foreign accent. The worst business decision she ever made. Much much more. Today’s show is sponsored by: Instant Voicemails – Get new professional outgoing voicemail and other messages. You can even choose the accent. 15% off […]

Ursula Undress – Atlanta School Of Burlesque

Ursula Undress The Atlanta Podcast

Ursula Undress comes on this episode of The Atlanta Podcast to discuss: Some history about burlesque. What burlesque is and isn’t. How The Atlanta School of Burlesque came to be. Mixing art and commerce. Succeeding as a performer and business owner. Anna Nicole Smith. Much more. Interview Recorded:  1259 Metropolitan Ave SE (Atlanta School of Burlesque) August […]