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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Kristen Sheehan

The Atlanta Podcast Kristen Sheehan

Kristen Sheehan stops by to discuss Letting go of control. The Merchant’s Walk movie theatre. Tomorrow World. Manifesting dreams into reality. An early version of The Atlanta Podcast Quiz. Much more. Today’s show is sponsored by: Atlanta Vision Institute  Become a Patron! Interview Recorded:  September 5, 2017  Alkaloid Front Porch Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels Show […]

Dwayne Perkins

Why he “bleeds Boston comedy”. Remembering Patrice O’Neal. Being successful with “no affiliation”. Landing commercials but not sitcoms. Why Los Angeles is a side chick and not a wife. Much much more. Today’s show is sponsored by: Lakehouse Coffee Interview Recorded:  March 3, 2018  Barnes and Noble. The Americana  Glendale, CA Intro and Outro Music by Brian […]

The Beltline Is Ballin’ – Brian McGowan

**Update – One month after this interview took place, it was reported that Brian stepped down and took a job in Seattle. Did he already know his plans during this interview? Perhaps we will never know. Atlanta BeltLine President and CEO Brian McGowan sits down to talk about: Getting appointed by Obama. Working for The […]

MARTA Is Sexy with Robbie Ashe

Marta is Sexy with Robbie Ashe

Do you take Marta? Do you know anything about it? Is it getting better/worse since you last rode it? Does it connect to the BeltLine? Does it go anywhere besides the Airport? Are some suburban counties finally saying yes to it? What’s the best stop for getting off at the new stadium? We answer these […]