Susan Bennett – The Original Voice Of Siri

August 28, 2017
ATL Podcast
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Susan Bennett - The Original Voice Of Siri

Today we have a fascinating conversation with Susan Bennett, the original American voice of Siri. As well known as she is for that role, you’ve most likely heard her voice around Atlanta for decades. She was the voice of one of the first ATMs as “Tillie The All-Time Teller”, the “plane train” at Hartsfield International Airport, and the voice overheard at Delta terminals around the world. On top of discussion around how she became the voice of Siri, they discuss obtaining voice work, the advancement of AI, and how luck plays a part in life.

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One comment on “Susan Bennett – The Original Voice Of Siri

  1. Andrew Sep 5, 2017

    It is great to hear from Susan Bennett. She has had a really great career as a voice over actress.