Adam Leland – Kings of Queens

November 24, 2017
The Atlanta Podcast
The Atlanta Podcast
Adam Leland - Kings of Queens

Many musicians start out in cover bands, eventually getting the courage to write their own songs. Adam Leland has taken the opposite route. Beginning as a teenager, Adam began fronting bands that played original music all his life. Now 40 plus, his current gigs are with The Stoneberries, who play Rolling Stones/Chuck Berry Music and The Kings of Queens, a Ramones tribute band.

Listen in as Matt and Adam discuss:

  • Growing up Suburban
  • Trying to make it in the Atlanta music scene.
  • Shipping off to Memphis (twice).
  • Playing with his wife.
  • Musicians Adam and Matt have seen live, that are now dead.
  • His latest musical ventures.
  • Much more.

Interview Recorded: Eastside Atlanta BeltLine BackPorch Studios. October 27, 2017

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

Kings Of Queens Facebook page.

A Ramones Spotify Playlist

Adam and Matt Circa 2009

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