The Atlanta Podcast

Interviews with the famous, Atlanta famous, infamous, and others we find interesting.

Allison Fillmore – The Tour Championship

Allison Filmore PGA Tour Championship

Today on the show:

  • Working for the Falcons and The Atlanta Dream.
  • Selling sponsorships for NASCAR.
  • Being a part of the Tiger Woods magic last year.
  • How do we grab the attention of the Atlanta fan base in 2019?
  • Olympic Racquetball dreams.
  • So much more.

Interview Recorded: July 30, 2019. Muchacho 904 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Today’s show is sponsored by RCR Video – They create compelling content to move your business forward.

Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels

Who should I have next on The Atlanta Podcast?

Carl Adkins

Who introduced us?

Brave Public Relations

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Tiger’s walk to the final hole at The 2018 Tour Championship

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