Jim Stacy – Don’t Buy That Thing You Love

January 30, 2018
The Atlanta Podcast
The Atlanta Podcast
Jim Stacy - Don't Buy That Thing You Love

The Atlanta Podcast Jim Stacy 2

Great ideas that turn into business failures, scary books from the 70s, touring with Mojo Nixon, and getting hugged by Charlize Theron.

Other topics include:

  • His odd commitment to anachronism
  • The West End and White Privilege.
  • Winning Emmys.
  • Stand up comedy.
  • Fabricating movie sets
  • The Star Bar and The Drive In.
  • Corn dogs, and more.


Interview Recorded: January 26, 2018.  Alkaloid Conference Room.

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

OffBeat Eats

Top Posters of the 70s and 80s


Photography and Video by B-Rad of Seelig Photography

Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels

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