Brenna Corner – The Atlanta Opera

May 30, 2018

Brenna comes on to discuss her upbringing in Canada, what’s up at the Atlanta Opera this season, and “secret” Starbucks orders.

Today’s show is sponsored by:

Atlanta Vision Institute 

Interview Recorded:  January 30, 2018, Alkaloid Conference Room

Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

Artists in Residence Studio at Atlanta Opera

Brenna Corner Website

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2 comments on “Brenna Corner – The Atlanta Opera

  1. Marianne Jun 21, 2018

    Hi Brenna I am Marianne from Amsterdam and more than 10 years ago we met each other in Rome during an italian language course. I am sitting on a terrace in Sardinia now and was thinking about you and your opera career! HOW ARE YOU?????? Big hug from an old friend?