Sister Louisa aka Grant Henry

August 10, 2018
ATL Podcast
The Atlanta Podcast
Sister Louisa aka Grant Henry

Grant Henry Sister Louisa Atlanta Podcast

  • What stopped him from becoming a minister.
  • How bartending at The Local prepared him to open Church.
  • Why he’d rather have his patrons view absurd art rather than television.
  • His secret to keeping staff from calling him to call out sick.
  • The Sanctuary he is opening up in Griffin, Georgia.
  • Much more.

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Today’s show is sponsored by:

Atlanta Vision Institute 

Interview Recorded: May 15, 2018  His house. Old Fourth Ward.

Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels

Live Show Tickets! September 20th.

Show Notes That Nobody Reads


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Who introduced us?

Lucky Yates

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