September 18, 2017
ATL Podcast
The Atlanta Podcast

Angel Poventud is a man of the people and a man of Atlanta. On any given day, Angel covers a good portion of the city limits of Atlanta by foot, bicycle, and/or railroad engine. It is impossible to spend any time with Angel and not run into several others that know him and love him.

Topics include

  • How he came here.
  • Why Angel loves Atlanta.
  • Why he can’t stop getting involved.
  • The Atlanta Railroad
  • Some deep in the weeds BeltLine stuff.
  • Much more.

Interview Recorded: Back Deck Of Alkaloid On The EastSide BeltLine. June 27, 2017

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

2009 video with Angel where he looks like Carlos Santana


Lean Draft House



2 comments on “Angel

  1. John Tackett Sep 22, 2017

    Great interview with Angel.. And your apology was not needed in regards to your Ryan Gravel interview as you presented yourself as a suburbanite and that is a POV that is needed to understand the mindset of some folks.

    Love the passion that Angel has for the city and what he does.

    And the place at Tech Square is called “The Canteen” I work just a couple blocks away.