Joel Iverson – Monday Night Brewery

April 20, 2018
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Joel Iverson - Monday Night Brewery

Joel Iverson The Atlanta Podcast

  • What brought him to Atlanta.
  • Bible study and home brewing.
  • Being ahead of the “west side curve”.
  • Working with The Beltline.
  • Competitors/Compatriots in the craft beer space.
  • Much more plus another edition of The Atlanta Quiz.

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Lakehouse Coffee and Blue Durango Iced Tea

Interview Recorded:  February 14, 2018 Alkaloid Conference Room

Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels

Show Notes That Nobody Reads

Monday Night Brewing 

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One comment on “Joel Iverson – Monday Night Brewery

  1. Brent Brewer Apr 30, 2018

    Joel is a great interview. I am a West End resident and do go to MNB Garage a couple times a week (No, not an alcoholic. It would be expensive to be a craft beer alcoholic). West End has a history of home brewers. In fact, the home brewers typically brewed a specialty batch of beer for the annual neighborhood holiday party. Prior to the Westside Trail construction, I had attended many a home brew event in the West End. For some reason, the West End home brewers always had children (with the exception of one). There was always plenty of kids, dogs and neighbors. Being it takes about 4 hours to brew a batch, time went by surprisingly fast and conversations can get beyond the superficial. MNB Garage definitely has that homegrown feel to it (kids, dogs and neighbors). Weather permitting, I can definitely spend humongous chunks of time there without thinking about it (especially when sitting around the fire pit). Having a conversation over a beer is a pretty easy conversation to have with a stranger but different then a conversation over coffee.