Betsy Magato – Charge Running

April 30, 2021
The Atlanta Podcast
The Atlanta Podcast
Betsy Magato - Charge Running


Betsy visits the front porch studio on the EastSide Beltline to discuss:

  • Making your hungover friends run with you.
  • Living all over the world.
  • Charge Running.
  • The Atlanta Favorites Quiz
  • So much more.

Interview Recorded: April 28, 2021. Alkaloid Front Porch. 691 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE Suite C Atlanta, GA 30312

Today’s show is sponsored by – Planned Parenthood. Visit to learn more about how Planned Parenthood is here to see you become who you will be.

Intro And Outro Music– Brian Revels

Who introduced us? #RunTheATL

Who should I have next on the show?  Heather Tolley-Bauer

Listen on this page or on your favorite player.

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