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SuperBowl 53 Celebrities – Day One From Atlanta

Day 1 from Radio Row at the Georgia World Congress Center for SuperBowl 53 in Atlanta, Georgia. Steve Tasker – Former Buffalo Bill. One of the greatest special teams players of all time. Greg Cosell –  Author, producer at NFL Films. Nephew of the legendary Howard Cosell. Eric Hipple – Former QB Detroit Lions. Transformations Treatment […]

Jody Avirgan – 30 for 30 Podcast

Atlanta Podcast Jody Avirgan

Jody Avirgan comes on The Atlanta Podcast to discuss: How he got pegged to be the producer for 30 for 30 Podcasts. The art of storytelling in audio form. How woke consciousness is changing content today. What we can look forward to in 2019 for 30 for 30 Podcasts episodes. Much more. Interview Recorded: January 31, 2019. […]

Andrew Deitsch – Atlanta Content Creator Killing Em’ With Gifs

Andrew Deitsch comes on The Atlanta Podcast to discuss: Kroger or Publix? How he’s ahead of the curve on leveraging gifs –  238 M views and counting! Balancing business and personal social media feeds. Traveling the world making content Much more. Interview Recorded: December 12, 2018. West End Atlanta, GA. Today’s show is sponsored by RCR Video […]

Tommy Housworth – Atlanta Writer/Buddhist/Chameleon

Tommy Housworth comes on The Atlanta Podcast to discuss: Is there such a thing as improv for fun and profit? Publishing short stories. Which “Atlanta” character he thinks he is. Learning to be a chameleon to make that dollar. Wishing to be more woke. Interview Recorded: August 29, 2018. West End Atlanta, GA. Today’s show is sponsored by […]

Pip The Pansy

ATL Podcast Pip The Pansy

Atlanta recording artist Pip The Pansy comes on the show to discuss: Surviving an “intellectual property name war”. Combining the visual with the musical. Music and art as commerce. Defining success in the music business in the digital age. Oh, and she plays a couple of songs and takes The Atlanta Podcast Favorites Quiz. Enjoy! Interview Recorded: January […]

Atlanta Fitness Maven Umama Kibria – Is It Ok To Charge Your Friends?

Navigating every kind of Atlanta gym. What it really means to be a social influencer. How to properly treat your social media followers, and so much more. Interview Recorded: August 7, 2018. West End, Atlanta, Georgia Today’s show is sponsored by RCR Video – They create compelling content to move your business forward. Intro and Outro Music […]

Surviving The Big Hair Heavy Metal 80’s and Beyond with Blas Elias

Atlanta Podcast Blas Elias

Blas Elias is a touring drummer for holiday favorite’s, The Trans Siberian Orchestra. He hops on the podcast to talk a little bit about: Joining a band that’s been together for 20 plus years. The metal years of Slaughter. Playing with The Blue Man Group. How he stays fit on the road. Much more. Interview Recorded: December 8, […]

Damon Corn – Between Ghetto and Get Er Done

Atlanta Podcast Damon Corn

Drugs, Jail, & Near Death Experiences. What more could an episode ask for? Interview Recorded: November 20, 2018.  RCR Video Studios  Today’s show is sponsored by RCR Video – They create compelling content to move your business forward. Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels Who should I have next on The Atlanta Podcast? I was so mesmerized I […]

Steph LeBeau – Don’t Judge A Butt By It’s Cover

Stephanie LeBeau dreamed of being a roller skating waitress as a young girl. She never got to do that, but she bounced around between modeling and “straight jobs”  before becoming a certified fitness instructor.  Since then she has been kicking butts and taking names over at Vesta Movement. We discuss her “gym alter-ego”, her physically […]

Jesse Itzler – Dreaming Big Ahead Of The Curve

Atlanta Podcast Jesse Itzler

Jesse seems to be ahead of the curve on almost everything. First by creating jingles for sports teams, then renting out private planes, and now creating “Life Resume” events. Listen in on this episode to learn more about him including: Being successful having “zero previous experience” in any given category. Getting discovered as a rap […]