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Interviews with the famous, Atlanta famous, infamous, and others we find interesting.

Lucky Yates

Atlanta Podcast Lucky Yates

Archer. Puppetry. 70s/80s kid shows. Why he doesn’t trust rideshare. Much more. Today’s show is sponsored by: Lakehouse Coffee and Blue Durango Iced Tea Interview Recorded:  March 6, 2018 Alkaloid Conference Room Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels Show Notes That Nobody Reads The Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts Who should I have next on The […]

Joel Iverson – Monday Night Brewery

What brought him to Atlanta. Bible study and home brewing. Being ahead of the “west side curve”. Working with The Beltline. Competitors/Compatriots in the craft beer space. Much more plus another edition of The Atlanta Quiz. Today’s show is sponsored by: Lakehouse Coffee and Blue Durango Iced Tea Interview Recorded:  February 14, 2018 Alkaloid Conference Room […]

Tom Luse – The Walking Dead

Atlanta Podcast Walking Dead Tom Luse

Tom Luse is a production manager/executive producer on The Walking Dead. He sits down with Matt to discuss: Going to LA and hating the film business. Learning all the various roles in the tv/film biz. Making made for TV movies. Great concerts from the 70s and 80s Falling in love with film. The early days […]

Phantom Troublemaker – Luchadork

The Atlanta Podcast Phantom Troublemaker

Matt and The Phantom sit down and discuss: Failing with chicks. Wrestling. Bouncing at The Masquerade. Hosting panels at DragonCon. Highs and lows of mall retail management. Kari Wuhrer and Remote Control. Much More Nerd Stuff. Interview Recorded:  Sept 19, 2017.  Alkaloid Front Porch. Atlanta, Georgia. Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels Show Notes That Nobody Reads […]

David Perdue – Don’t Mess Up At The Club

The Atlanta Podcast David Perdue

David and Matt discuss: Being a student of comedy. Finding inspiration from Andy Griffith. Arriving at consent in the #metoo movement. How to not succeed in the business. Working with Bobcat Goldthwait. All of that plus another exciting round of The Atlanta Podcast Quiz. Interview Recorded:  January 16, 2018.  Alkaloid Conference Room. Atlanta, Georgia. Intro and […]

April Spring – Foxers

Atlanta Podcast April Spring Foxers

Being fashion crazy from a young age. Turning an idea into a business. Surviving the recession. Taking advantage of being an American woman in Malaysia. Great success without being great at sales. Appearing on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. Fending off fraud competitors. Aiming to meet Sara Blakely from Spanx. All of that plus […]

Anna David – Party Girl/Sober Girl/Light Hustler

Writing while on and off drugs. Sobriety and recovery. Career dreams coming true. Surviving long term relationships. Acceptance through career ups and downs. Growing a fan base. Ted (X) Talks. Interview Recorded:  March 4, 2018.  Hollywood, California Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels Show Notes That Nobody Reads Light Books and more by Anna David. […]

Nicholas from Yacht Rock Revue

Nicholas Yacht Rock 2

Nicholas Niespodziani, co founder of Yacht Rock Revue on: The birth of Yacht Rock as a band and as a genre. Being a dad. Boobs. Google calendars. Why it doesn’t suck to be a wedding band (anymore). Opening Venkman’s. Much more. Interview Recorded:  February 21, 2018.  Front Porch of Alkaloid. Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels […]

Jim Fergie Chambers

Jim Fergie Chambers Atlanta Podcast

On Raising Kids. Coming from a media family empire. Redistributing his wealth. Unpopular stances like “Dont Call The Cops” and “No Active Military Allowed”. Guns. Using lots of drugs and being institutionalized at a young age. Standing Rock. His version of what went down with Lis Smash, who appeared on this show in October 2017. […]

Live From Brawl For A Cause 2018

Brawl For A Cause Atlanta Podcast

Live interviews from Mercedez Benz Stadium – Brawl For A Cause 2018 featuring: Chad Herrmann brawling for Shepherd Center Clay Heavy Metal Harvison. Coaching Parker Lipman Parker Lipman  brawling for Happy Feat Rob French brawling for Start With One – Kenya Brian Moote brawling for Bert’s Big Adventure Herb Mesa OG Fitness Jessica Black Interview Recorded:  February 17, […]