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Interviews with the famous, Atlanta famous, infamous, and others we find interesting.


youthSpark is an organization based out of Atlanta that wants to stop youth exploitation and sex trafficking. They are also about educating the mostly ill informed public and empowering youth. Matt B. Davis talks to Renee Shelby and Jennifer Swain covering a multitude of topics about sexual abuse, and sex trafficking concerning underage victims. youthSpark […]

Nick Tapp

The Atlanta Podcast Nick Tapp Creative Loafing

Many claim it, but Nick actually deserves the moniker of a “mover and a shaker” in Atlanta. He gets around and he’s been around. Everyone I have met, that knows him, loves him. For the last couple of years, Nick’s been The Director of Marketing for Creative Loafing, AKA The CL, AKA The Loaf. Prior to […]

Dan Carroll

Dan is the “adult face” of DragonCon. Dan and Matt cover a variety of topics including 8 Tracks, favorite sitcoms, Matthew Perry, concerts, Cold War movies, and of course lots about DragonCon. DragonCon takes place every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta bringing in some 400 guests and 80,000 attendees. In addition, Nikki makes her 3rd […]

Tim Mack


Tim Mack is a modern day renaissance dude. So yeah, not just a fancy mustache. Listen in as we learn how he got involved with the circus, what had him found his own circus, how he manages wacky/talented people, his very unique take on life and much more. There are also a few BeltLine guests, […]

Amanda Avery


I walked by Amanda at the Terminus Festival back in June and said “I know you”. Turns out I had seen her with someone who works at Alkaloid, the wonderful co-working space that I work from. We had a brief chat about her most recent short film project and that led me to ask for […]

Jason Hoch

Jason Hoch How Stuff Works

Jason is the Chief Content Officer at HowStuffWorks. HowStuffWorks is home to a veritable fuckton of content (articles, videos, podcasts) about how stuff actually works. I read an article where I learned Jason and the HowStuffWorks offices are located here in Atlanta and jumped at the chance to speak with him. Bonus for me, he […]

Chris Ledford

In a stormy sea of vacation selfies, overshared memes, and baby sex announcements on my Facebook feed, Chris Ledford is a beacon of light. He’s original, irreverent, and funny. Reading his FB posts, and later his blogs have made me legit laugh out loud, which is why I am invited him to be on the […]

Ryan Gravel

Ryan Gravel

While compiling “dream lists” of who I wanted to interview for this show, Ryan was always the top of the list. I am very thankful he made time for me. Tune in to this lively chat about: The origins of The BeltLine. Massive city growth. OTP v ITP (although those initials are never uttered). MARTA. […]

Jami Becker

The Atlanta Podcast Jami Becker

Today’s episode is a conversation with Jami Becker from the recent Terminus Conference in Atlanta. Jami’s bio on her company’s website reads “Jami’s DNA bleeds visionary thinker, architect and maker. Her strategic design process seeks the subtle balance between imagination and the earth-tethered, using evolving technical tools as implements to express ideas and facilitate more efficient […]

Kevin Gillespie

Atlanta Podcast Kevin Gillespie

On the first episode of The Atlanta Podcast, we talk to Chef Kevin Gillespie. Of course we discuss his current Atlanta restaurants and his time on Top Chef, but we also get into: Pit moshing at the Neutron Bomb. Moving away from Atlanta to appreciate home. The changing face of the Atlanta food scene. Why […]