The Atlanta Podcast

Interviews with the famous, Atlanta famous, infamous, and others we find interesting.

Ben Witte – Is kind of a nutjob.

Ben Witte Atlanta Podcast

Ben talks food, concerts, dating, jeans, tins and much more.

Steve Koonin – CEO, Atlanta Hawks

Steve Koonin Atlanta Podcast

Working at or near the top at ATL giants Coca Cola, Turner Entertainment and The Atlanta Hawks makes Steve a must listen for The Atlanta Podcast. On today’s show we discuss, winning the Cola Wars, bringing Conan O’Brien to TBS, growing an NBA team from the ground up, and so much more. Interview Recorded: September 23, 2019 […]

Bem Joiner – Atlanta Influences Everything

Interview Recorded: October 8, 2019 – Atlanta Podcast Studios Front Porch 30310 Atlanta porch culture. Atlanta sports culture. How to work in the music business when you are a lousy rapper. Tower Records stories. Why he won’t run for office and so much more. Intro and Outro Music by Brian Revels Who should I have next on The […]

Tripp Crosby – What If This Is As Good As It Gets?

Tripp Crosby Atlanta Podcast

Tripp Crosby is most well known for making “Conference Call In Real Life” and many other other “real life” videos. On today’s show, we discuss his career trajectory which includes shots made, shots missed, and finding out what’s really important along the way. Also, he attempts to convince us that Alpharetta is cool. Interview Recorded: July 16, […]

Daniel Pollard – HxV

I sat down with Atlanta DJ and Producer HxV and had an inspiring and emotional conversation.  He grew up fast, spinning in clubs by age 15, and heavily abusing alcohol and drugs. He was immersed in a dangerous lifestyle that led to dysfunctional relationships and near-death overdoses. He got sober in 2012 and his career […]

Carl Adkins – Last Of A Dying Breed

carl adkins atlanta podcast

Carl Adkins has had his dream job his entire adult life. He’s made a vocation being around concerts, sporting events, and live entertainment. Today on The Atlanta Podcast, Carl and I discuss: The rise and fall of the Georgia Dome. How Atlanta attracts the biggest sports events in the world. What happens when the power […]

Giving Kitchen – Waffle House All Star Special

Giving Kitchen Atlanta Podcast

Today on the show: 3 Atlanta food industry superstars come together to talk about The Giving Kitchen. Some highlights include: Bryan Schroeder – Winning a James Beard Humanitarian Award and his love for R.E.M.’s earliest albums. Kevin Gillespie – Coming back from cancer surgery and finding out what’s really important in life. Chris Hall on […]

Allison Fillmore – The Tour Championship

Allison Filmore PGA Tour Championship

Today on the show: Working for the Falcons and The Atlanta Dream. Selling sponsorships for NASCAR. Being a part of the Tiger Woods magic last year. How do we grab the attention of the Atlanta fan base in 2019? Olympic Racquetball dreams. So much more. Interview Recorded: July 30, 2019. Muchacho 904 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 […]

Jon Ladd – Terminus Tees – “Go Set Up By The Garden Center”

  Today on the show: How does a guy from semi-successful punk band to super-successful T-shirt maker and marketing dude? How do you make shirts cool enough that celebs buy them? Why have such an ugly mascot? Does Starbucks spell your name wrong on purpose? Why give away so many shirts for free? Why do […]

Wanona Satcher – Changing Atlanta, 8 Feet At A Time

Wanona Satcher ATLanta podcast

Today on the show: How Wanona’s company is changing Atlanta (and The World), with shipping containers. Being gentrified, while also being a gentrifier. Working for The Man, and learning she didn’t want to be The Man. Much more. Interview Recorded: June 4, 2019. RCR Video – 650 Hamilton Ave.   Today’s show is sponsored by RCR Video – […]